With the start of December month, the winter season has officially started, and Mount Abu is the perfect destination to be explored in the winter season. Are you also looking for a Mount Abu winter special package with some of the best hotels in Mount Abu?

The beauty of this tropical land in this accentuated weather with the cold breeze brushing against your face will make your winter trip to Mount Abu even more interesting.


If you want to enjoy your tour to the fullest, you should definitely go for the Mount Abu winter special package by hotel Yorkshire Inn. We offer you the sophistically articulated details with the itineraries for your customised Mount Abu winter special package with your friends and family.

Following are some of the key points about Mount Abu in the winter season, it will help you out to plan your next trip to Mount Abu.

Mount Abu Tour Guide In Winter Season (November – February)



Day time: 16-22° C

Night time: 10° C


There’s no snowfall in Mount Abu during the winter season but the whole city is covered with an emerald cloak to please the tourists.

It might get a little warm during day time but it will never exceed your comfort level. The early mornings and evenings are the coolest times of the day while the night can get even colder.

Why you should in the winter season:

Winter is the perfect time to visit Mount Abu because the cool climate offers you the perfect opportunity for your sightseeing without any interruptions from the rains.

Go for sightseeing, or go for a long rejuvenating walk with your loved one on a cool breezy morning, you will feel happier than you have ever felt in your life.

Visit all the famous sightseeing places like Nakki lake, Gurushikhar, Dilwara temples, Todd rock, Honeymoon point, sunset point and many more.

Things you should know before the visit:


Winter is the busiest season of Mount Abu, so be prepared for a large crowd of tourists when you visit there. The hotel rates will also be at its peak due to season time. Make sure to have a hotel booking in Mount Abu before you reach there to avoid any kind of accommodation issues later.

Important Tips Mount Abu Winter Special Package:

Make sure to pack heavy woolen clothes/ jackets/ shawls for the night time. During day time a light jacket or a pullover will be enough.

Do not forget to carry moisturizer cream and mosquito repellent cream along with you.

If necessary, hire a guide to know the historical story behind all the forts & monuments of Mount Abu.

For more details aboout Mount Abu Winter Special Package or know more about hotel Yorkshire Inn, please visit our website on or call on +91-8128775010 for booking enquiries.

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