Experience The Mystic Mount Abu in Monsoon With Yorkshire Inn

Mount Abu – the greenest patch of Rajasthan is the only hill station of Rajasthan is the best place for your weekend getaway trip. Especially in this monsoon season, all the best hotels in Mount Abu are almost sold out. People usually prefer to stay at some of the best Mount Abu hotels near nakki lake that offers the most exciting group packages in Mount Abu.

All that lush green ambiance, rocky mountains, mesmerizing waterfalls and beautiful lakes is what makes this place famous among the leisure travellers and nature lovers. It is mainly famous for the contrasting landscape that makes it an amazing place to satisfy your wanderlust.

Mount Abu is located almost 4000 ft above the sea level, and the highest peak of this region “Guru Shikhar” is at 5650 ft. Mount Abu is also known as the oasis of Rajasthan because of the presence of water bodies and ample lush greenery.

Do you know there’s an interesting history about Mount Abu. It’s ancient name was “Arbudaanchal”, it was also called as “Arbudaranya” or “forest of Arbudha”. It is also a popular saying that sage Vashishtha and sage Vishvamitra had a fallout and sage Vashishtha retired to the southern part of this Arbudaranya. This beautiful hill station was ruled by many great emperors like Gurjars & Rajputs as well as the British emperors and later it became a part of independent India.

Though Mount Abu is a very famous hill station of Rajasthan, many times people have some queries regarding planning their trip to Mount Abu. Here are some of the FAQs that will help you to plan your next trip with your family or friends.

What is the best time to visit Mount Abu?

  • November to March is the best season to visit Mount Abu as the weather is pleasant.

What are the most popular sightseeing places to cover during your trip to Mount Abu?

Some of the interesting things to do in Mount Abu are:

  • Nakki Lake
  • Sunset Point
  • Toad Rock
  • Crocodile Park
  • Guru Shikhar
  • Brahmakumari Peace park
  • Dilwara Dera

How to Reach Mount Abu?

  • By Train : The nearest railway station is at Abu road, which is approx 28 kms away. And  trains coming there connect the Abu road with almost all the major cities of India including Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai. By Bus: You can also reach Mount Abu by bus via Abu road.
  • By Air : The nearest airport from Mount Abu is located approx 210 km from the Mt. Abu, in Udaipur.

Which are the nearby places to visit from Mount Abu?

There are some tourist spots near Mt.Abu which you can visit during your visit

  • Ambaji temple
  • Achalgarh fort
  • Jessore sloth bear sanctuary

What are the prime reasons to plan a trip to Mount Abu?

  • To explore the beautiful hill station in a desert state
  • For an unforgettable holiday experience
  • To witness an amazing sunset 
  • To escape from the heat & beat of urban life 5. To spend some quality time with your loved ones.

How many days is enough for Mount Abu?

Let it be a leisure trip or a romantic trip, 2 to 4 days are more than sufficient for a memorable stay.

Where to stay in Mount Abu?

There are so many good family hotels in Mount Abu offering the exclusive packages for Mount Abu weekend getaway. Hotel Yorkshire Inn offers you the most comfortable stay with amazing accommodation options and standard hospitality services. With all the modern day amenities, this place will give you an unforgettable stay experience in Mount Abu.

They also have one of the best restaurants in Mount Abu serving the most delicious multi cuisine dishes to cherish your taste buds. In short, you will be having the most memorable time of your life with a pleasant stay at hotel Yorkshire Inn Mount Abu. 

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